Forgetful Friday

Yesterday I went to our swimming lessons and when I got home I thought I’d left my library book and a work book at the sports centre.  It was full of everything I’ve done, my school work, my letters, my projects, everything.  I panicked and called up the pool asking them if they’ve found it, they hadn’t. I am always forgetting things and leaving things behind, simply because I’m not concentrating .  I was really upset because they were important to me.  Dad said I’ll learn my lesson and at least I won’t forget so easily again.

In the morning we found them in the car and I’ve learnt my lesson.



3 thoughts on “Forgetful Friday

  1. A moment’s distraction and all sorts of things can happen, interesting and upsetting. Well done for finding everything. Looking forward to following your blog, a fantastic start, really well done.


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