The Tulip Tree



I found this massive leaf, when walking around the farm where we live!! It’s huge!!! A knowledgeable friend told me that it’s blown off of a tulip tree. I researched about them and found out that it’s sometimes called canoe wood as  the native americans used to make canoes out of their light, buoyant trunks.

It was also the native americans that first discovered it’s medicinal purposes too. It’s roots can be good mixed with whiskey and taken as a cough tonic. The leaves can be made into a poultice and applied to burns, wounds and inflammation, some people used it to treat arthritis!!!!

It’s Latin name is, liridendron tulipifera , meaning ‘ lily tree bearing tulips’.


5 thoughts on “The Tulip Tree

  1. Hi Gracie tried to send you a comment on your blog no go I must be doing something wrong. My comment was going to be I could do with a bucketful of the tulip tree to cure arthritis .geoff too lol nanny and geoff xx

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