Foraging with Alice

Last Sunday I went foraging with Alice on the farm where I live. We were learning about roots, acorns and medicinal mushrooms.

We dug up burdock roots and we each tasted a little bit of the leaf, it was so bitter!!! It felt like you could taste it more on the back and sides of your tongue. The back symbolises the intestines and the sides, the liver. Both places burdock is good for!!

We also collected a few burs to sprinkle around and spread the seed. We learnt that they are sometimes called ‘ beggars buttons ‘ as people that couldn’t afford fine clothes with buttons used the sticky burs instead!!!

After collecting various wild goods throughout the morning, we headed back to the camp in the woods to eat lunch, then we started making!!

The kids made a fire, there were four of us, I lit it with a striker and a tinder bundle made of dried cleavers. We made a hazelnut oven, dug a pit, put the nuts in, covered it up and lit a fire on top!!!

We drank delicious rosehip tea, ate acorn burgers, ate boiled burdock root and drank sweet birch polypore drink. All of these things were surprisingly tasty!!

Us kids cut some hazel from a tree and sat and whittled while eating our nuts that we roasted!!

Before we went home we were given a jar of stock made with a mix of turkey tail fungus, Ganaderma brackets and birch polypore!!

I really enjoyed myself, thank you Alice for inviting me and thanks to Anna and Lucinda for running the course.

Acorn burger mix

   Acorn burger mix

Me whittling

Me whittling

Turkey Tail, Ganaderma & Birch Ploypore stock

Turkey Tail, Ganaderma & Birch Polypore stock

Wild Garlic bulbs

Wild Garlic bulbs

Ganaderma Bracket

Ganaderma Bracket


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