More Mushrooms

My Hoard

My Hoard

On Wednesday me,Evan,Irys and Mum went Mushroom hunting in Ashdown Forest. Alice and Ollie met us there, so did our friends Pete, Lily and Solara.

It poured with rain!!! It was wet, windy, foggy and rainy, but we still collected loads!! I found this yellow/orange trumpet like one, Alice got excited she said it was a really good one called a chanterelle, but it turned out to be a false one, oh well. We also found boletes, ink caps, ganaderma, birch polypore etc. After we’d gathered our selection of fungi, brackets and mushrooms, we headed back to the visitor centre, soaked through, but really excited.

We saw a lot of things that others had found such as beef steak mushroom , which is brown and if you squeeze it red liquid oozes out (like blood). Also if you cut it open it’s reddy brown and streaky just like meat!!

There was also a bolete that, when you cut it open, it oxygenised, it turned from pale yellow to bright blue!!!

Isn’t nature amazing?

We also met a well known mycologist who helped us identify our hoard!
Her name was Iona and she was really nice!!

It was a brilliant day!!


4 thoughts on “More Mushrooms

  1. How exciting. I hope you got to eat your hoard with plenty of delicious garlic. It all sounds like great fun and you must have learnt loads. Hugh Fearnly-Whittingstsall has a lovely recipe for Stoup which is a really chunky soup crossed with a stew made from mushrooms. Definitely worth a try. I bet the mushrooms would be good with pigeon as well.


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