Rescue in the rain

We were just coming home from granny’s house,  we’d had a lovely time doing art, playing games, chatting, shopping, going to cafes and just hanging out.

We were driving down the M25 in the pouring rain,  the spray was everywhere and we could only see a few metres ahead. Suddenly mum’s windscreen wipers stopped working. Eeeeeek, we had to pull over. Sitting in the car, mum phoned the RAC and they told us to carefully get out of the vehicle and wait for them to come. Hurriedly we pulled on a coat, meanwhile the car was shaking violently as huge lorries thundered past.

We went to stand in a overgrown jungle of weeds by the roadside and did a spelling bee while waiting for the bright orange van of the RAC.

After 30 minutes of waiting they turned up and they’d fixed it in another half hour.

Finally we were able to return home safely.

I’m glad that the man managed to fix the car, but I was hoping the man would have to call a low loader and we’d get to ride in the RAC van.


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