Christmas Shoe Boxes

Recently me, Evan, Irys and mum went to our church to help them pack shoe boxes . They are working to help a charity called Link To Hope .

Every Christmas Link To Hope packs shoe boxes full of gifts to give to people in other countries. They send them to Ukraine, Moldova, Bulgaria and Romania. This year they are also going to send them to the Syrian refugee camps on the border of Turkey. The boxes are packed full of gifts and goodies and every day things for all the family. This year they have also created boxes for elderly people with added tissues, reading glasses and lavender bags .  My favourite thing they packed in was a load of bags of knitted baby clothes. Someone had knitted bags and bags, hats, dresses, coats, cardigans, socks and gloves, all the colours of the rainbow. They were lovely.

I really enjoyed helping, as it was fun to choose all the gifts and toys and imagine who would get them.  It was also nice to get to work with the other people and chat while we worked.

I hope the people that get the boxes are happy and that we’ve made a difference and given them a better Christmas.


Here's me packing a box

Here’s me packing a box


64 boxes were packed & sent

64 boxes were packed & sent









One thought on “Christmas Shoe Boxes

  1. High Gracie I am sure a lot of people will have a better christmas thanks to all yours Evans and irys hard work I do a shoe box for a soldier in Afghanistan well done


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