Florence Road Christmas Market.

Last Saturday we visited the Florence Road Market. We have some friends who run a stall selling their homemade sock animals. Feeling very inspired we headed back home to think what we could make and sell. Dad came up with the idea of making christmas decorations out of recycled coffee sacks. So that is what we did.

There are stars, baubles, snowmen and reindeer. The baubles and stars are embroidered with the word JOY in red wool, they are sewn with the wool, then they are given a piece of handmade cordage as a handle, then a little bit of ribbon that says HANDEMADE WITH LOVE and finally they are stuffed with fair trade, palm oil free divine chocolate coins. The reindeer are the same except they do not have joy written on them and they have got wooden buttons, hand-made by Evan, for eyes and noses. They also have real twig antlers. The snowmen have two buttons down their middles, but apart from that they the same.

Finally I was going to ask, does anyone have any idea what to sell these for or what would you pay for one?

I have never sold anything before so I have no idea really. Please comment before Saturday. If any one lives near Florence Road, Brighton do drop in and buy a christmas decoration!!!





3 thoughts on “Florence Road Christmas Market.

  1. Gracie Evan and irys well done .i think they are really amazing. As to price it’s a difficult one but I would say around 4£ someone might give you more or offer a bit less. Have you anymore comments about price. I will certainly buy one if you can wait for the money. Well done


  2. We love your decorations, well done, they look amazing. You should charge at least £5 each. You’ll sell them all very quickly, particularly with your lovely smiles and enthusiasm. If we were nearer we would definitely come and buy one x


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