Christmas Is Coming

I am so excited about Christmas!! It’s so soon!!!

Everything is putting me in a Christmassy mood.

The other day we went to a carol service. We sang all the usual christmas carols.  My favourite has to be, o come all ye faithful. What are yours? The church was decorated beautifully with wreaths, trees, tinsel and glitter. We ate mince pies and drank mulled wine and spiced apple juice.

Me, Evan and Irys were in a nativity play. I was a carol singer in a bobble hat and a scarf, with a lantern of course, Evan was a wise king with a burger king crown and finally Irys was a shepherd with a tea towel on her head.  Me and Irys did a reading from the Christmas story and Evan lit the advent candle. It was so cosy and warm and beautiful in the candle light, it felt so special and so like Christmas.


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