We Almost Sold Out!!!

It’s so cool, we almost sold out of our little Christmas decorations. We made 14 and we sold 12, but we gave one as a gift to a friend and we’re still holding one for nanny who we haven’t seen yet. We haven’t decided what to do with the money yet, among the options were ice skating, cinema or fish and chips. It’s a hard one. Over all we made £35·00, but £25·00 profit.


4 thoughts on “We Almost Sold Out!!!

  1. Hi Gracie I have read all your blogs it has given an insight to what you have been doing. Helping people who are less fortunate than our selves is a wonderful thing and I am sure they appreciate the help they are given. Just to meet people who care and smile and talk is very important. The huge apple cake sounds amazing. You did well with you decorations I see where nanny came into it. Well done xx


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