A Dog Called Minstral



A couple of days ago our faithful family dog died.  Me, my brother and my sister have known her our whole lives. We are all really sad, but we understand the importance of remembering the good times.

So instead of of rambling on about the sad last couple of weeks, I would like to write a poem about the whole 12 years of happiness, fun, laughter, games and love we shared with Minstral.



Our faithful, friendly, family dog,
taking her for long walks,
in all weathers, sun, rain and fog.

Her soft black fur,
we valued her even more than precious myrrh.

We loved her dear,
although her case of scruffiness was severe,
we loved her still.

Her run was more like a horse’s trot,
playing in the woods,
we had fun a lot.

Working with Dad in the old wood shed,
getting covered in sawdust,
from her paws to her head.

We visited the lakes in summer breaks,
oh, and how she loved to climb hills,
and sit by the campfire, while we cooked delicious meals.

We’ve lived on a boat,
she loved life afloat,
went for a swim a few times,
committed the smallest of crimes,
like stealing a sausage
and all else she could forage.

Minstral loved it at granny’s house,
she’d sneak on the sofa, quiet as a mouse.
She was spoilt rotten,
Minstral, you will never be forgotten.

You always have and always will be brill
and you’ll live on in our memories still.

Freedom Of Expression

This week, in my school work, I have been learning about freedom of expression.  We are working through a book by UNICEF, it’s about the rights of children all around the world.  All children should have the right to freedom of expression.



I think that it’s where people can express themselves honestly, about what they think, feel, want, find important or love without being influenced, stopped or restricted by others.


I think we need to express ourselves, because we have valuable things to say.  Children around this world live through war, some kid’s lives are lived in poverty, others suffer loss of family.  Because they have experienced the reality of pain and hardship, it makes them want to help to change the situation. Children are passionate.  Their desire is to make other people aware so they can help too.


I decided to express myself by making a film about something I’m passionate about.


No. 88

On our way we got a little lost,
although we thought we had it sussed.

A few detours led us astray,
but we got there in the end, so it was ok.

We walked up the hill, counting how many until 88,
hoping we weren’t going to be too late.

We were greeted by Baxter and the wagging of his tail,
he’s a chocolate labrador and his legs are a little frail.

We played with Jake and Reya, a fast game called Dobble,
and then I played with Reya, another game called Boggle.

After a while we got called in for dinner,
a delicious meal, a hotpot, a real winner.

Reya has many a good book,
for hours I could look and look.

In the end I chose the Twist of Gold,
by Michael Morpurgo, a great story told.

After that we went to see the grown ups,
chatting and talking over drink filled cups.

Becky showed us her collection of sea glass,
and old bent metal, possibly brass.

After such a lovely time, we had to go,
back down the streets, back home.

Thank again for a lovely evening.

An Education Banquet

On new years day we have a family tradition of cooking mum a meal while she relaxes. We also think about what we want to achieve in the next year. This year my parents asked us to think about and write down what we wanted to learn and why. Our whole education is laid before us and we can take what we like. Cool!!!

Dad and Mum didn’t want us to give a lazy answer. We really had to think about our answers, because we had anything to choose from, the  the world is our oyster.

When we learn we tend to concentrate more on we like and find interesting. Let me give you an example. Roughly 2 years ago we heard about this place in Italy called San Patrignano. It’s a rehab centre that takes young offenders, drug addicts and alcoholics and gives them a home, a community and makes them feel welcome. They are taught a skill like farming or baking to hair dressing or pizza making. It gives people hope, in other words light in the darkness. It changes people’s lives, so it inspired me to learn Italian so I can go and volunteer there to learn and maybe even help them. Perhaps I’ll even get to eat some good pizza.

My point is you should learn things that work up to your purpose in life. My purpose is to be a light in the darkness and help people.

On my list I had lots of things, some of which work up to my purpose and some that I’d just like to learn.

Happy New Year

Having out at dusk on Brighton beach

Hanging out at dusk on Brighton beach

This is my first blog of the year and it’s about a few things. I wanted to begin with saying thank you to you all for this past year. All the support you’ve given me in my first few months of blogging has been great. Secondly I wanted to share a piece of poetry that I wrote to describe a sunset down on Brighton sea front,  hope you like it.

The orange sun sunk into the grey blue sea, the cotton wool clouds darting across it’s surface. It’s rays cast a sparkling path across the ocean.  The ships on the horizon, silhouetted against a canvas splattered with splodges and smudges of pale blue, pink, orange and red.