An Education Banquet

On new years day we have a family tradition of cooking mum a meal while she relaxes. We also think about what we want to achieve in the next year. This year my parents asked us to think about and write down what we wanted to learn and why. Our whole education is laid before us and we can take what we like. Cool!!!

Dad and Mum didn’t want us to give a lazy answer. We really had to think about our answers, because we had anything to choose from, the  the world is our oyster.

When we learn we tend to concentrate more on we like and find interesting. Let me give you an example. Roughly 2 years ago we heard about this place in Italy called San Patrignano. It’s a rehab centre that takes young offenders, drug addicts and alcoholics and gives them a home, a community and makes them feel welcome. They are taught a skill like farming or baking to hair dressing or pizza making. It gives people hope, in other words light in the darkness. It changes people’s lives, so it inspired me to learn Italian so I can go and volunteer there to learn and maybe even help them. Perhaps I’ll even get to eat some good pizza.

My point is you should learn things that work up to your purpose in life. My purpose is to be a light in the darkness and help people.

On my list I had lots of things, some of which work up to my purpose and some that I’d just like to learn.

2 thoughts on “An Education Banquet

  1. I would like to hear much more about your latest blog. Now I realise why you started to learn Italian. You are a very caring person and I am sure you will in years to come make the right decisions about what you would like to do. Is there anything else you would like to learn about this year. What would irys and Evan like to learn about nanny


  2. What a fantastic idea. It certainly does make a difference to study something you are interested in, that’s why I chose Nutrition when I studied over the last few years as it made it much easier to study a subject I’m passionate about. Good luck with your learning and try as many things as you can.


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