No. 88

On our way we got a little lost,
although we thought we had it sussed.

A few detours led us astray,
but we got there in the end, so it was ok.

We walked up the hill, counting how many until 88,
hoping we weren’t going to be too late.

We were greeted by Baxter and the wagging of his tail,
he’s a chocolate labrador and his legs are a little frail.

We played with Jake and Reya, a fast game called Dobble,
and then I played with Reya, another game called Boggle.

After a while we got called in for dinner,
a delicious meal, a hotpot, a real winner.

Reya has many a good book,
for hours I could look and look.

In the end I chose the Twist of Gold,
by Michael Morpurgo, a great story told.

After that we went to see the grown ups,
chatting and talking over drink filled cups.

Becky showed us her collection of sea glass,
and old bent metal, possibly brass.

After such a lovely time, we had to go,
back down the streets, back home.

Thank again for a lovely evening.


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