A Dog Called Minstral



A couple of days ago our faithful family dog died.  Me, my brother and my sister have known her our whole lives. We are all really sad, but we understand the importance of remembering the good times.

So instead of of rambling on about the sad last couple of weeks, I would like to write a poem about the whole 12 years of happiness, fun, laughter, games and love we shared with Minstral.



Our faithful, friendly, family dog,
taking her for long walks,
in all weathers, sun, rain and fog.

Her soft black fur,
we valued her even more than precious myrrh.

We loved her dear,
although her case of scruffiness was severe,
we loved her still.

Her run was more like a horse’s trot,
playing in the woods,
we had fun a lot.

Working with Dad in the old wood shed,
getting covered in sawdust,
from her paws to her head.

We visited the lakes in summer breaks,
oh, and how she loved to climb hills,
and sit by the campfire, while we cooked delicious meals.

We’ve lived on a boat,
she loved life afloat,
went for a swim a few times,
committed the smallest of crimes,
like stealing a sausage
and all else she could forage.

Minstral loved it at granny’s house,
she’d sneak on the sofa, quiet as a mouse.
She was spoilt rotten,
Minstral, you will never be forgotten.

You always have and always will be brill
and you’ll live on in our memories still.


5 thoughts on “A Dog Called Minstral

  1. We’re sorry to hear of Minstrel’s passing. We know how you feel and send all our love. Your poem is a lovely way to remember her and she will always be a ray of sunshine in your hearts xxx


  2. Gracie the tears are in my eyes as I have read your poem. She sure was a special part of the family each of you must have a special story to cherish. As you said at sad times you must remember the good times which you have put so well in your poem. My love to you all xxxxx


  3. My dear Chicks, I am sad for you all that Minstral is no longer, it must be a shock. Such a beautiful poem. Lots of love to you all and to Minstral too x x


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