Jools on the drums

A couple of weeks ago I went to my first proper gig, our friend Jools (a really really talented drummer)  was playing the drums and singing with a lady called Kristin McClement and her band. They were all really great musicians. Kristin is also a part of a band called Willkommen Collective.

They were playing in an old church building with a really high ceiling and by candlelight, it was beautiful.  The music was different to any I’d heard before, it’s kind of folky.  The atmosphere was really nice and the music was amazing.   All of her music is very emotive and expressive.  Go and listen to her music at:

The point of the gig was to launch Kristin’s new album ‘Wild Grips’. It will be released on the 23 Febuary, 2015.  She’s got different shows coming up too, I really recommend seeing her, she’s really good.

This is how Kristin explains her album:

The Wild Grips refers to our wild nature. Hidden behind the glance of every stranger lies the struggle to make sense of these troubling times. What can we pull from the rubble of our modern world?

The album invokes a sense that there must be something more meaningful beyond the windows of our offices, shopping centres and rented houses.

Produced and engineered by Christian Hardy of The Leisure Society, The Wild Grips is a wide-eyed rendering of modern folk song where the acoustic and the electronic rub alongside.

Here’s a link to her website:




Full Band Show

Full Band Show






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