Shakes & Cakes



Today I popped into Infinity foods, Brighton to get a few supplies.  When I got there I noticed a stall with a banquet of vegan cakes and shakes laid out on it. It turned out that Infinity Foods Kitchen were promoting their brand new vegan shakes.



I got to try the delicious shakes including my favourite, raw chocolate and avocado, made with dates, almond milk, avocado and raw chocolate. Not only was this shake amazingly delicious, it was also really healthy, because avocado is a super food and raw choc is too.

The cakes were lovely , especially the victoria sponge.



I had the chance to chat with Duncan (who works at Infinity Foods Kitchen).  He let us try everything 🙂


IMG_00000360  IMG_00000362  IMG_00000363

Here’s Duncan pouring me a nice shake.



Drop into Infinity Foods Kitchen anytime, it’s a great place to meet up with friends and I definately reccomend their vegan cakes and shakes.



4 thoughts on “Shakes & Cakes

  1. Infinity sounds a yummy place to go and how nice of Duncan to let you sample the cakes and shakes. What is the favourite cake he does .i will have to have a go at making a vegan cake nanny x


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