On Saturday I went into London to see STOMP, a musical production with music made from junk only.  I was with my Uncle Sean, it was my birthday treat.

It’s all rythmic,  clapping, drumming, bashing, stamping, stomping, ect.  At times it was really funny, there was great dancing and the performers were extremely talented.  They played with a great selection of junk, from barrels to hose pipes,  from trolleys to match boxes and lighters.  It was amazing to think that these everyday objects were all they had to make music with.  It’s kind of music, acting, dancing and comedy rolled into one, which made it very entertaining.


the stage with scaffolding and junk

the stage with scaffolding and junk



I’ve picked my two favourite tunes or acts or whatever you might call them, to tell you all about.  The first one is called ‘newspapers’, it’s funny, and a great racket. They rip up the the papers and rustle them. One man even has a tuneful coughing fit!!! With rattling of pens and flapping of papers it has to be my first fave.  My second is called ‘walkers’, it’s where three men put on ski boots and strap them to huge oil drums. They walk around, using the stage as a drum and their own legs and feet as drumsticks. The funny bit comes at the end when, after these big, muscular men come stomping in, another man goes walking in on paint pots. It’s hilarious. Another awesome one is were they harness themseves onto ropes and swing from scafolding. Then they sway to and fro, hitting pots and pans that have been strung up.

Watching the performers was fascinating, they are so good at what they do. When they dance they are perfectly in time, their music is amazing and they are so enthusiastic.

I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Thanks for taking me, Uncle Sean!!!



6 thoughts on “STOMP

  1. Hi Gracie you certainly had fun I remember all those years ago when I saw stomp the dustbins were my favourite. What do they say don’t try this at home ! What a lovely treat from uncle Sean xx


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