My Granny And Me

Me & Granny

Me & Granny

At the moment we are in Essex staying with my Great Granny, who has just had a hip replacement. We are cooking and cleaning for her, chatting with her and just hanging out. While we’re here we’ve been doing things differently than when we usually visit, normally granny does everything for us and spoils us. Now we are doing things to help her.

We have to be more helpful and do more jobs. We have to be considerate, which means knowing when to be a bit quieter and when to have a nice long chat. We’re being more thoughtful, we do things for granny, like little jobs, without being asked. All these things are good, it’s important that we don’t always think of ourselves. Being here with granny is a chance to show her how much she means to us all.

Hanging out with granny is really nice. I like to talk with her, she has lots of knowledge, experiences and memories to share with me. We have lots of fun times together playing games, listening to music, watching films and discussing books. We have similar tastes in all these things so we both enjoy them.

She is the best granny I could ever wish for and I want her to know that.

10 thoughts on “My Granny And Me

  1. I’m sure your Granny is extremely pleased to have your help, enthusiasm and chats, while she gets better. I know I would. Well done to you all for being so thoughtful and carrying out the Cub Scout Law. I think you should mention this to your Akela when you get back, there will definitely be a badge you can get.


    • Hi Melissa , you might think this is nanny, but it’s not, it’s me. We’re staying at nanny’s house. I Actually left my scout pack when we went to Brighton, but hope to find another one to join soon. Lots of love


  2. You are so right in everything you say. Granny is a very special person to you all and it is so great that you are all able to be with her and help her to a speedy recovery. Granny has always been the one to be there for everyone else, to me she is very special and I look forward to having our lunchtime chats again. Get well soon xx


  3. A well composed letter, you must enjoy sitting down with Granney and listening to her telling stories about the olden days.
    Once again congratulations, best wishes from Geoff. Xxx


  4. Dear Gracie,
    I’m so so sooooo very sorry I haven’t been responding. I just read your resent blog about your grandmas hip replacement and how much you have to do for her now!😄 Just recently my PA my moms dad was in the hospital because of a major caesurae. All the family thought it would be the end for him but God wasn’t ready yet. So we thank Jesus for this opportunity to keep PA for a little while longer . Your story just reminded me of that because now we to have to take car of him just like your grandma!!! 😜😉😎💙💚💚💜🐬🐳


    Kimberly Mortensen


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