Orange Butterfly Cakes

For the last few days we’ve been staying with nanny and Geoff.  Yesterday we made blue berry muffins and orange butterfly cakes, I tried both, but the butterfly cakes were the best.  I thought I’d share the recipe, because they were so delicious.  Do try them, they won’t disappoint.  The sharp orange curd contrasts with the sweet icing and it makes the perfect match.  I’d just like to say thank you to both nanny and Geoff for having us.




Makes 12

100g (4oz) butter

100g (4oz) caster sugar

2 eggs

100g (4oz) self raising flour

1 level tsp baking powder

grated zest 1 orange

3 tbsp orange curd


50g (2oz) softened butter

100g (4oz) icing sugar, plus extra for dusting



1. Pre-heat oven to 180 c / 160 c fan / gas 4.  Line a tin with 12 cupcake cases.

2. Measure all ingredients, except orange curd, into a large bowl and beat untill smooth.

3. Bake in oven for 15-20 minutes or until golden brown.

4. When cooked and cool, cut a disc from the top of each cake leaving a little rim around the edge.  Cut the discs in half and set them aside. Fill the holes with orange curd.

5. For the icing, beat butter and icing sugar together until smooth.  Spoon or pipe a swirl of icing on top of the orange curd.  Then place the two cake halves on, to resemble butterfly wings.  Dust with icing sugar and enjoy.


mixing, you can do this with an electric mixer or by hand.

mixing, you can do this with an electric mixer or by hand.

spoon mix into cases.

spoon mix into cases.

cooked and cooling

cooked and cooling

the finished product

the finished product




1.  Don’t use muffin cases, they’re too big.

2.  Pipe the icing, it looks better and more tidy.

3.  Don’t cut too shallow a disc or to deep, you’ll have too much or too little curd.

6 thoughts on “Orange Butterfly Cakes

  1. Mary berry would be proud or your efforts. I saw her on the tv making them with her grandchildren so I thought that looks good. They were scrumptious. Well done to all who baked and the washer upper. Xx


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