Spring Has Sprung

I’m so excited that spring is just beginning and I’m sure everyone else is too. Spring is such a lovely season, the world gets lighter and the days get longer. It’s a positive season, things that happen are good. I like to think of spring as the light at the end of a long, dark, gloomy tunnel. The tunnel is winter. When we emerge into the sunshine it is a time to rejoice. Spring is cheerful, it makes you want to whistle a little tune!!

Spring has arrived in Granny's garden!!

Spring has arrived in Granny’s garden!!


Spring has sprung,
it has begun.

The birds they sweetly sing a tune,
flowers burst their buds,
in all colours white, blue or maroon.

The golden trumpets play,
criers announce, tis such a happy day.
The bulbs they have begun to sprout,
soon the animals will be out,
of hibernation.

A colourful array,
begins on the first merry day,
the children laugh and say,
“we’re happy at our play”.

The sun shines down,
in the whole of the land,
there’s not one single frown.

So, with a gust of wind and a little April shower,
a big bunch of daffodils,
another beautiful flower,
animals having young,
Easter has only just begun,
spring has sprung.

2 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung

  1. I think Spring is my most favourite time of year. I’ve just driven to Guildford to catch the train to London and it was lovely to see all the Blackthorn trees white blossom against the lovely yellow of the Catkins. Watching nature wake up is amazing.


  2. Hi Gracie you are so right spring is the loveliest season. When all the bulbs come to life. Snowdrops are my best ant daffodils are amazing one day they are closed and the next they open to the beautiful yellow trumpet,I think in the last two days spring has gone on hold cold wet windy, but I am sure another burst is just round the corner. Well done with your poem xx


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