Blackbird Rescue

On Saturday Mum, Irys and I were sitting inside, when we heard shouting outside and saw Dad’s hand by the window, in it was a male blackbird.  I rushed outside, so did Irys. “Is it dead? Dad, is it OK?” I asked. Dad and Evan explained how they’d found the poor bird hanging upside down by a thread tangled round it’s claw. It had been hanging there on a bramble.

Blackbird Rescue

Blackbird Rescue

I went in and got a pair of scissors, gently I tried to cut the thread off. He squirmed and fidgeted, but Dad stroked and soothed him. By this time Mum had emerged and she began the delicate operation of freeing the bird from the string. Eventually it fell off and we picked up our little blackbird and put him in a small sheltered  building. As we put him down, we noticed that his leg fell from under him. I thought it might have been broken. He sat down and rested with his eyes closed. We got him a worm and a dish of water.

Bad day for blackbird

Bad day for blackbird

A Delicate Operation

A Delicate Operation

When we went out, we freed him and he hopped off. Hopefully he’ll soon be back to normal and singing his sweet song again.

"Thank you for rescuing me, but I'm glad I'm free now"

“Thank you for rescuing me, but I’m glad I’m free now”


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