Why? When? What? Where? Is?

The other day I was reading a mystery book.  The young detective is trying her hardest to solve a complex and sophisticated case, but she can’t find any clues. She says that this case has many more questions than answers.  That set me thinking.

If you really think about it, that case is like our world.  We have tons of questions about everything, but not many answers.  There are general and personal questions, questions that philosophers, scientists, historians and naturalists have poured over for centuries and there are even questions a little kid might ask in the playground.

I think that every question has an answer, whether people know it or not.  For some questions, it’s a matter of belief, opinion or faith.

I wrote this poem about all the different types of questions people have.  It explores everyday ones and ones the whole world wonder about.


Why does the sun shine so bright?
Why does day turn into night?
Why is dark so different than light?
Why do people have to fight?
Why is snow so white?
Why does the dog bite?
Why are my trousers really tight?
Why won’t my Mum let me out of her sight?
Why is the only thing I can fly a kite?
Why does an aeroplane take flight?
Why does age have a difference in height?

When are you classed as old?
When does warm turn to cold?
When does a kid not have to be told?
When does greed take its hold?
When comes the creeping mould?
When will the house be sold?
When is the right time to be bold?
When will the mystery unfold?
When will someone tell the truth that’s untold?

What is the story that’s real?
What is a fish to a seal?
What is a healthy meal?
What is a vegetable you have to peel?
What is a jellied eel?
What is jealousy? It makes people kill.
What are the consequences of a broken deal?
What is the sense that helps people feel?

Where do people stare?
Where is the lions lair?
Where is the stallion and the mare?
Where in your T shirt, is the big tear?
Where is the land where everyone is kind and does share?

Is there more than one god?
Is there a way to farm more sustainable cod?
Is it polite to say yes or just nod?
Is chocolate and bacon together okay? Or is it just odd?
Is four a quad?
Is Jack in our squad?
Is fishing the only sport where you use a rod?

All of these are questions, as you can see,
the answers may or may not be found easily,
but to have a think or a ponder,
over a cup of coffee or tea,
you may just develop a theory.

2 thoughts on “Why? When? What? Where? Is?

  1. Hi Gracie this is a very difficult one to comment about.i have sat over several cups of tea pondering about what to say. There are lots of questions we all want answered in life .its an amazing poem you have created. I know I shall read it over and over again and who knows I may come up with answers to your questions well done nanny xx


  2. So many questions, so many different answers. You can spend a lifetime thinking about this, but all very good questions and ones that definitely deserve plenty of consideration. A very thought provoking piece x


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