A Shooting Star

Me & Mum

Me & Mum

A little while ago Mum and I had an amazing time together camping out in a gypsy wagon.  We wanted to spend some time together just to hang out and talk. We had such a lovely time that we decided to do a joint blog about it. IMG_00000803


A Shooting Star – it’s beautiful, it’s magical and it’s always a delight to see but ultimately it’s gone in a flash.

I’ve been watching my beautiful daughter grow over the last 11 years and all of a sudden it feels like that time went by in a flash.

Wanting to spend some time just the two of us we planned a girly get-away and snuck off together for a night camping out.


A Mum and a daughter should be close, they should spend time together. They should have a good relationship. Sometimes going off for a night or two is a good way to draw even closer.


Sausage Sandwich for dinner

Sausage Sandwich for dinner

Mum and I had a good chat around the fire. In the dark the embers glowed and gave off a warm firelight that shone on our faces and lit them up. When it was just the two of us I found it easy to talk, Mum totally understood me and even if she didn’t, she still seemed understanding. We toasted marshmallows and stared into the flames. It was chilled, just the two of us, we didn’t have to be anywhere, not even bed………  well, eventually we did.


When we went in we took a steaming mug of hot chocolate and played cards. After two or so games we stuck our woolly hats on and snuggled down under the covers. IMG_00000818

All snuggled up

All snuggled up


At 2am I awoke needing a wee.

Gracie fast asleep at 2am

Gracie fast asleep at 2am

Trying hard not to wake Gracie I tip-toed out to pee in the bushes. That’s when I looked up at the night sky, it was mesmerising. It was amazingly clear, every star shone so brightly in the depths of the darkness.  And then I saw a shooting star, it was just spectacular.

Upon re-telling my “adventure” to Gracie in the morning she asked me, whilst giggling, if I’d made a wish upon a shooting star?

After having had such a wonderful evening together, of course I had……….

Me & Mum

That night we made memories, magical memories, special memories, memories that have etched themselves on our hearts and will stay there forever.



10 thoughts on “A Shooting Star

  1. What a special time you both had.so important that you can talk to each other freely and you enjoyed each other’s company. Please always have this closeness through all your growing up and adulthood. Mum is a very special person that you can always turn to always remember that. Bless you both xx


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