The other day our Uncle Sean came for the day and we went up into the woods for a walk. It’s the bluebell season and the scene was amazing. I wrote a poem trying to describe the beauty and magic of these lovely flowers.

Recently I heard that the best way to appreciate bluebells is to lay down in them. I took the advice and tried it, well, it’s totally true. The scent is so strong and powerful, it’s soothing and calming. Also seeing them from ground level makes them seem even better. My theory about this is that seeing something from a different angle than we are used to makes it feel unique and special.

Appreciating the bluebells

Appreciating the bluebells

How have you looked at things in life with a different perspective? Please let me know.


A silent bell that rings through the woods,
it’s chimes sinking into the absorbing moss,
swallowed up by the trees.

Sheltered by the towering branches,
growing on a bed of leaves,
the bluebells come up, majestic and fine.

Excited spectators watch breathlessly,
as a green shoot appears,
crisp and fresh.

The bell, delicate and sweet,
like a little girl in a pale blue summmer dress,
green stockings on her long legs.

It’s perfumes, lush and luxurious,
waft through the woodland,
like invisible, swirling clouds of beauty and sweetness.

A purple blue feather quilt,
spread over forest floors,
keeping nature warm.

For passers by, down they lie,
and be engulfed by this wonderful magic.
Forgetting the world of troubles and war,
they will rest in this peaceful growth.


Evan and Irys

Evan and Irys


2 thoughts on “Bluebells

  1. Bluebells are one of my favourite flowers and I often used to sit at the bottom of an oak tree in the bluebell woods so I could be a part of such beautiful part of Spring. I haven’t done it for a while, I should do it again, thank you for reminding me x


  2. Hi Gracie bluebell are my favourite flower especially when they are in the woods. When I was about your age auntie joan and I would pick armfuls and bring them home for our mum that was about 63years ago. I am glad to say they mustn’t be picked anymore which gives everyone the chance to enjoy such a lovely flower . Loved the proem and the picture of you in the bluebells. Well done xx


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