Rollercoaster Conquerer

I’ve only ever been on proper rides twice in my eleven and a half years and both with my Uncle and Auntie.  One was in the July of 2014 and the other was yesterday, the 29 June.

My first experience of theme park life was at South End. The whole atmosphere didn’t really suit me like it did my brother.  I’m not a very loud, adrenalin seeking, crazy kinda person, but I was enjoying it anyway until the moment we turned a corner and saw Rage.  The biggest baddest rollercoaster ever.  Even watching made me feel nervous.  It all just got worst when Evan shouted out, “Uncle Martin, Uncle Martin! I want to go on that one. Come on it with me, come on.” “Oh no,” was my initial  thought, but slowly a mix of curiosity and not wanting to be the one who didn’t do it came upon me and I joined the queue along with Evan and Uncle Martin. After about 30 minutes of queuing it was almost our turn, Ev was absolutely hyper by then and Uncle Martin and I were wondering if this really was a good idea. Too late now, we climbed into our carriage and away we went. There’s not really much I can say about the actual ride, but what I do remember is the agonizingly slow climb up a vertical track, backwards, then the not knowing when your going to flip forwards and plummet at an incredible speed downwards. The rest was a blur of falling, rising, flipping upside down and finally staggering off to the sound of Ev’s super hyper whoops and shouts. There, in South End Amusement Park, was where my fear of rollercoasters began.


The biggest baddest rollercoaster you ever did see.

The biggest baddest rollercoaster you ever did see.

I'm in that carriage somewhere!

I’m in that carriage somewhere!

We talk about it often enough, Ev laughs at how scared I was. I couldn’t help it. One day recently, Dad talked to me about it. “You should go on them, Gracie,” he said ” Think of it as a challenge, a fear to overcome. What does Bear Grylls say? When you have nothing left to give and you are scared, don’t give up. Dig deep into your soul and bring out some adventurous spirit and strength. Once you’ve done it, you won’t be afraid anymore, you’ll have overcome it. So take my advice and next time, which will probably be when you go to LegoLand with Uncle Martin and Auntie Carol, try.”

Well, it was hard, extremely hard, but I felt inspired by Dad and Bear Grylls, so when I found myself at LegoLand I decided to give the big ones a go.

Irys and my cousin, Olivia , were off with my other grown up cousin, Kurt.  While Evan and Uncle Martin were waiting to go on something, Auntie Carol and I wandered off to see what we could find.  We came to a big track so high off of the ground it towered above every other ride or building in the LegoLand Resort.



I looked at it in absolute awe. “Wow, isn’t that huge, Gracie! You want to go on that one?”  “Actually, yes” I said, remembering Dad’s words of wisdom. ” On your own?” gasped Auntie Carol, ” Are you sure?”  “Yes.” I answered decisively, as I joined the long snaking queue. As I got nearer the front, I started worrying and getting really anxious. I kept swallowing and shaking.  I felt sick.  Suddenly I was called onto the ride. Terrified as I was, I stepped onto the round platform and sat down on a plastic horse. ” There will be a slight delay of the procedure of this ride”, came a booming voice. ” Oh great”, I thought.  I wondered whether to pull out, give up, call the lady and say I wanted to get off.  I decided to stay on, then I gagged and puked over the side.  That was pure fear.  I almost burst into tears, but the ride started spinning and I soon forgot all about it and was having the time of my life.  I went on it again with Uncle Martin and Ev, even he screamed, ha ha.

I'm on the right, on a black horse.

I’m on the right, on a black horse.

I left something behind that day, now I’m free from the fear that may have held me back all my life, had it not been for the wise words of Dad and Bear.


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