Summer Sunsets

Happy smiles

Happy smiles

Everyone has dreams, ideas, things that float about in your head, but only some people have a special and unique ability to put these thoughts and daydreams into a beautifully woven web of words, music or paint.  Some of these people are poets, artists, musicians, authors, playwrights, singers and lyricists.

I hope to become a few of these things. I would lovefor my name to go down in history as an author or a singer, but I know that it is unlikely, I am happy just to have these as hobbies that I enjoy. The thing I do hope to be successful with is poetry, it is something I love, I am passionate about and  I do a lot of in my spare time. I like to share my poems and inspire people to have poetry as a pastime. It allows you to get your emotions out, capture your feelings and grasp an aspect of life and pin it onto a piece of paper

Some boys, including my Dad and Brother, might think, “I’d rather go fishing”. Well, the way I see poetry is rather like fishing. I have a theory that everyone has words swimming about in their mind, your pencil and paper are like your rod and  net, you catch the words with your pencil and put them on your peice of paper.  Some people are naturally talented at poetry, while others are more practical, really it doesn’t matter, it’s the enthusiasm that makes a difference.

So let me know, whether you already love writing poetry or you have just decided to begin, what have you written about?

Here’s my latest:


A windblown, carefree figure
silhouetted on a hill,
summer sunsets swirling,
I will love you still.

Time freezes
when I’m with you.
The sun stoops down to kiss you,
she leaves an amber burn upon your cheek.

Will you stay with me forever?
Under the skies of beauty.
Will you answer me “never”,
when I ask if you will leave me?

We’ll swim in the moon’s waters,
dance with the planet’s daughters,
sleep in the sun’s quarters.

The stones will sing us songs,
the stars will bang great golden gongs,
the bells will ring,
a hundred birds begin to sing.

6 thoughts on “Summer Sunsets

  1. Hi Gracie what a very creative blog you will I am sure achieve what is most passionate in your mind you have such definite ideas in your head and you are so fortunate to be able to write about them ,and for all your followers to be able to share your hopes and dreams. The poem is very touching. You have such a wonderful way with words keep writing xx


  2. A lovely poem as always Gracie, you are very talented. I used to write a lot of poetry, but seem to have lost the touch somewhere along the line. Hopefully in time I will find the space to be able to write again. Keep following your dream it will take you places you never even imagined x


  3. Dear Gracie,

    My name is Adam Gear. I believe I am a year older than you. (I’m twelve.) I stumbled apon your blog after having a look around the kids blog club. Your writing is SO good. Its nice to meet someone else in the child blogging community. Maybe we could guest blog on each others blogs? I would love to get in touch.


    • Hi Adam

      Thanks, that’s probably one of the nicest comments I’ve ever had! I’ve been blogging since October last year and I’ve only just recently found KBC. I’ve been trying to get in touch with some other child bloggers, but haven’t had much luck. It’s so nice to meet you. What is your blog address?


      • Hey Gracie! I am resending this comment on your blog just incase you didn’t see it on mine.
        I’m so glad I got a reply from you. By paragraph, I presume you mean guest blog post? I think we could just email it to each other. My email address is I will happily send a guest blog post on your email, that’s featured on your blogging profile.


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