The Apple’s Tears by Gracie Chick

This poem is for my wonderful and caring Nanny, she does so much for us and today is her birthday.  Happy Birthday.

This poem is about an apple that ends up being whizzed into a super delicious smoothie that my nanny likes to make in her Nutribullet each day.


I’m trembling, a giant hand seizes me and takes me from the bowl.
My time has come, the humans are taking their toll.

I scream and I scream, but nobody hears,
I cry great juicy tears.

The lid is shut and I am trapped,
I struggle until all my energy is sapped.

I wait for the moment with utter dread,
when the glinting blade will blitz my head.

The human smiles with it’s glassy eyes,
“Little apple, you’re in for a suprise”

They don’t realise I know too well,
what will happen in this deathly cell.

A thundering noise begins above my head
and the blade starts whizzing as I have said.

I can only dodge it for so long,
soon I’ll be part of that green slimy throng.

As I lose my ear, I let out a yelp,
“If there’s anyone out there, could they please help?”

I think of the memories of a summer day,
when I grew on a tree in a land faraway.
I think of what my Mama used to say,
“Be bold, little apple, be brave”.

So now I’m all gone
and my body is part of that green slimy throng,
I’ll be glad for the memories of a bright summers day
and the memory of a tree in a land faraway.


ps I think this is one of my favourite poems I’ve ever written!

15 thoughts on “The Apple’s Tears by Gracie Chick

  1. Gracie you never cease to amaze me. The poem is amazing you have captured every detail of my nutribullet. Every time I put an apple in I will feel so sorry for it. You should send this to the kids blog you were telling me about.thankyou so much you really made my day .nanny xx


  2. nice poem Gracie
    I felt quite sorry for that apple. how did you think of writing it?
    I mean where you just sitting watching your nanny making a drink and the idea just started
    swirling around your head?

    please tell her happy birthday from me xx


    • Hi Tiger
      I really don’t know how I got the inspiration! It just comes to me and I write it down, it’s weird.
      Anyhow, I feel like it’s been ages since I’ve seen you, I hope to see you soon.
      Lots and lots and lots of love


    If you are ever on please find me so we can be friends and hang out.
    My screen name is: melissa_the_awesome


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