VOYAGE 2 – 20th August 2015

For these last few days we have been staying at our grannys whilst we got ready to go on the boat.

Today I got up so excited because we are going to launch our boat.  We got to the boat yard in Stanstead Abbotts about a quarter to eleven, as soon as we got there mum and dad sorted the boat out.

At two o’clock we were launched.  We all hopped aboard, it took a little while to turn around, once we had turned around we had to face the dreaded mill stream.  This was the stretch of river which goes from the slipway to the main river.

It took us four hours to do it. 

Caught in the weeds, unable to move

Caught in the weeds, unable to move


The rudder was caught up in all the weed so dad had to come up with another plan, we used the levering idea.  Dad got a long pole and levered the boat along whilst I was at the back stopping the back bashing and mum was at the front stopping it crashing into other boats.


For the last fifteen minutes some boaters helped us get out the mill stream.  We then pedaled down the main the river to the pub and had a pint.


I must admit that this first unexpected obstacle has been hard. We really had to dig deep and be determined.  We all had to practice teamwork and problem solving.  It was quite a good exercise for all of us, sort of a test to make sure we were ready for life on the river.

Day 1 Aboard Loon

2 thoughts on “Day 1 Aboard Loon

  1. oh !!! happy travel to you all !
    How long are you planing to be floating on rivers !?

    Make the most of it have fun ! and a big hug to you all 🙂


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