Day 3 – News and Reviews


Today we travelled from Dobs Weir to Waltham Abbey, went through 6 locks and had many adventures on the way.  This is Irys’ depiction of the boats experience of one of the locks we did.


I got so excited when Jem and Dave moored me up in the queue for the lock.  It was a bit strange going in with two other boats, but I thoroughly enjoyed it you know.


I like it when the three kids pay attention when holding my rope.


It’s fun going down in the lock.  The sluice gates open and I wobble to either side.

As I  come out at least I don’t have to stop when I’m picking my crew up as they grab hold of the post at the bow and jump on.

GRACIE – Review on Ice Dreamz Ice Cream Boat


If you’re ever a cyclist, walker or boater anywhere near Cheshunt Lock, be sure to stop at Ice Dreamz ice cream boat. It’s run by a super friendly team and led by this very nice, very enthusiastic young man. He saw a need for ice cream on the river so he got off his backside and made himself a business out of it. He bought a boat, did it up, got a licence and is now the only ice cream boat, selling soft ice cream, in the UK!

Ice Dreamz sell all sorts of things besides ice cream, such as burgers, hotdogs, wraps, crisps, tea, coffee and chocolate bars.  It has something for everyone.  There is carpark nearby and a seating area, so it is suitable for the disabled and the elderly.  There are two very lovable puppies, who always want to be petted hanging around.

The team is always ready to chat and hang out with their customers, who are quite varied. From a full-time boater to a retired couple on a relaxing holiday and from a Lycra clad cyclist to a family on an afternoon stroll.  I think everyone will enjoy something about this lovely little setup.

I like the originality of Ice Dreamz.


watching the rafts

watching the rafts


We went to the White Water Rafting Centre in Waltham Abbey.  We were standing on a bridge over the water watching the boats coming down, suddenly one of the rafts capsized and the crew were all in the raging water.  They were getting swept down and their bodies were going under the water.  The lifeguards started running down the banks after them throwing bouyant safety lines in and hauling them out.

One of the instructors ran and dived into the white water to rescue someone who was getting pulled down with the current.

Another lifeguard ran underneath the steps of the bridge, dived in and saved the boat.

There were no injuries, everyone was fine.  They then went back to the start, hopped in the boat and went back round the course again.





One thought on “Day 3 – News and Reviews

  1. The white water rafting sounds exciting and I love the description of the ice cream boat, very unusual and enterprising. Irys’s description of going through the lock from the boat’s point of view was excellent, well done Irys.


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