Day 7 – An Eventful Day


Today has been a great many things.  Our morning was a struggle and a huge challenge to overcome.  We very nearly gave up.  But our afternoon was a complete contrast.

I bet you’re intrigued after reading that first paragraph.  Well, let me tell you something: you won’t be disappointed

After waiting two long, windy and rainy days at Tottenham, we finally pushed off.  The reason we were so long was because it seemed everything was against us, the wind for one.   Our vessel is so light she gets blown around like a lonely piece of confetti that goes swirling around the churchyard.  also Mum’s done her back in, so she can’t pedal.

So eventually, on Thursday early morn, when the wind had died down, Loon set sail once again.  Dad and I were at the pedals when suddenly neither of us could make them go round.  The weed was beginning to take its toll.  We were totally clogged up and unable to move at all.  Dad jumped off with a rope and I used my hands and feet to stop us bumping into other boats.  Mum steered and Ev did the same as me, Irys tried to keep out of the way.

Suddenly we all heard a low, but loud groaning noise.  We all looked at each other with silent horror, ” We’re on the bottom”.  We all realized at once and hurried to push the boat off, I grabbed the boathook and shoved it down into the depths in a desperate bid to get us out deeper.  We did in the end, but Loon kept drifting into shallower water.

Dad jumped in the water and paddled out to the boat, he tried to push Loon out, but the river pushed her into the shallows time and time again.

After many an hour of pushing, shoving, pulling ropes, steering and a little pedaling, we made it to Tottenham Lock.  It just goes to show that if you put your mind to something, with a bit of determination, teamwork and hardiness, you can achieve it.

“Phew!” we all said, as Dad and I were pedaling calmly through the weed free waters below the lock.  Little did we know that another tolerance testing obstacle was just around the bend.

That old familiar stiffness was starting to come over our pedal units as we got towards Springfield Marina.  Dad stopped pedaling to unclog his unit and I had to pedal alone for about fifteen minutes.  I was dragging clumps of weed and even a log at one point.  It was extremely hard work.

As we got nearer our destination, Hackney Wick, it got worse.  No longer could I pedal and Dad could only just.  We moored in the nearest  place and I was ready to collapse. But then Dad said he wanted to check out how bad the weed was. This time we walked up the river for about a mile.   Well, the weed is terrible all the way to the start of the Hertford Cut, which is where we’re going next.  We’ll have to get a tow.

Now we’re in town, The Town, The Big Town, London.  As I said to Dad, even if you don’t like cities, like me ( I’m a country girl), you have to find something to admire about London. Whether it’s the brilliant and ingenious architecture or business and the colour.


Once we got to Hackney Wick us three and Dad went for a walk down the canal.  We saw a boat with a beaten up helicopter on the roof.  I wanted to ask the owner of the helicopter if it worked but he was not there.  After lunch we went for a walk up to the Olympic Park.  This time the man was there and I asked him if it worked, he said,  “it does,” and then he said, “would you like it?” “Oh yes”  I said.

He said that he found it drifting in the river.  I am going to turn it into a spy plane with a camera on it.

I was so excited about it, I was running around with it in my hand pretending it was flying.

My beaten up helicopter

My beaten up helicopter




We were in the Olympic Park and we saw some fountains, they were special because they glinted in the sun.  They were tall and thin and shot out of the ground.

The  sun glinting on the water

The sun glinting on the water

We stripped down till we were in our underwear and then we ran into the fountains.  I loved the way the water splashed in my face and also went up my nose and in my ear, it was so funny.

Fun & Games

Fun & Games

In the end I got cold so I decided to go and put my clothes on and then we headed home.

This afternoon we visited the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. The best part was the fountains. They looked so appealing and I longed to feel their cool splash on my face.

The twinkle of light in each droplet of water,
reflects in the children’s eyes,
a symbol of merriment.

The cascading white liquid shoots up and drops,
a fountain of laughter.
The water giggles and burbles with the youths.

The sun smiles down on them all.

The children run in and out , oblivious to the world.
Cries of pure joy echo around the courtyard.
Long wet hair whips in the wind.

Cartwheels are turned, over and over,
through the fresh spray.
Shouts of hooray, on a warm summer’s day.

The End

Of the Group of children that went in at the same time as us, I was the last one out. I was alone in what I imagined as my own water kingdom. I was the queen, so I pranced around like one, skipping and splashin’. I was in my element.



2 thoughts on “Day 7 – An Eventful Day

  1. My goodness you certainly have had a tough time hopefully when you move it will be. Smooth sailing. What a great team you are together. Mum and dad must be so proud of you kids the way you all rallied round to help .well done to you all xxxxx


  2. What a day! Hope Mum is feeling better now. It sounds as though a tow will be a big help. Your temwork is amazing, well done. Your helicopter looks great Evan. The water looked really good fun. At least you ended the day on a high x


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