Day 9 – An Olympic Experience

The London Aquatics Centre is a huge and beautifully built building  situated in East London.  It was where the 2012 Olympics Swimming and diving was held.

Before you even step inside the building itself you are completely stunned. It is made to look like a giant wave and the walls are shiny glass.
As soon as you step inside you can smell the chlorine and feel the amazing atmosphere of the massive building.  It’s simply indescribable, the whole thing. How you’re in the same place as the world champions.

Standing on the side in my blue swimming cozzie, I wondered how the Olympic contestants felt, when they were just about to dive off the highest diving board or about to start a swimming race. Were they as nervous as I would be?  Or do they have some sort of  immortal courage?

We were at the Olympic Pool for AquaSplash, a family friendly swimming session with a big inflatable assault course. There was also a lot of inflatable stepping stones that got more slippery as more wet feet jumped from one to the other, most falling on their bums and then sliding in.  It required a great sense of  balance to complete it.  I did it 3 out of 4 times, pretty good, huh?

The inflatable course was great too.  We dived into the water and then scrabbled up onto the inflatable, then we clambered up  obstacles and slid down the other side, usually bumping into the unsuspecting person in front of you.   Then finally you skidded down the last, big slide into the water.  I went down head first and it all went up my nose.  It tingled and then came into my mouth, urrghhhh!

I really really loved swimming in the London Aquatics Centre.  It was just incredible and massively fun.


One thought on “Day 9 – An Olympic Experience

  1. What a marvellous experience you had at the Olympic pool as you said what a great feeling being where the Olympic swimmers were . Who knows you could be standing there yourself . Keep up the swimming xx


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