Day 10 – Spark


In  the afternoon we went to a festival next to the Orb in the olympic park with our uncle and aunt .  The festival was about the future and science.

My favourite activity was making a lego car with a motor which was powered by hydrogen.  I got to design  it and make it.


It took two attempts until it worked.  It went quite fast for a lego car.  It went about 5 meters.



There is a box with a syringe inside it, the syringe is full of hydrogen.  On the end of the syringe is a piece of pipe which goes from the syringe to a fuel cell.  On the pipe is a clip  which pinches the pipe so the hydrogen cannot go into the fuel cell.

On the other end of the syringe is an elastic band, you undo  the clip and the elastic band pushes the hydrogen out of the syringe and into the pipe which takes the hydrogen into the fuel cell which  turns the hydrogen into electricity, which goes to the motor and the motor turns the wheels.


In the afternoon us five and auntie Carol and Uncle Martin went to SPARK.  It’s a science festival in the Olympic park, you didn’t have to pay which was good.

One of the stalls was called Future Forward, you make Mini-Me’s, I made one.  I made a pirate, well you have to be a pirate to live on a pirate ship don’t you.

Gracie & I making a mini-me

Gracie & I making a mini-me

My pirate has blue shoes with silver stars and she has black braces and a red top.  She has a necklace, a pirate hat and a pipe cleaner cape, it’s pretty cool.


Stealing a lick of someone’s ice-cream

I had to think about my future, things like, what I want to be and where I want to live.

The lady who ran the stall had set up a walk.  She had put up signs around the Olympic park, you put your phone over them and it tells you information about where you are.

On your walk you are supposed to take photos of your mini-me and then send them to the lady who runs the stall.  She is going to keep them for an exhibition in October.  You can also take photos in other interesting places and send them in.

At the Olympic climbing wall

At the Olympic climbing wall

Flying high over London

Flying high over London

Gracie's mini-me abseiling down the Orb

Gracie’s mini-me abseiling down the Orb


Smelling the flowers

Smelling the flowers


Science is something that interests me, but often confuses me a bit as well.  I enjoy coming up with my own theories on things and usually get really excited when I grasp a piece of    information, process it in my mind and actually understand it.  I want to be a teacher when I grow up and I’ve already started teaching my brother and sister. I mainly teach English, but  I have started teaching science in a basic, simplified form.

The Spark Festival brought scientific subjects right down to a child’s level. All of the activities had something to do with the future, the festival got kids to look at what’s ahead and see how things could change.

It was trying to get children to imagine themselves in the future.  I made a puppet of myself. I put me in a blue top, camouflage shorts and a green feather in my hair.  To symbolise my love of education and my ambition to be a teacher, I put a book in one hand. In the other I put the peace emblem, a stick with two snakes wrapped around it, to show my goal for world peace. Finally I wrapped my mini me in a blue cloak to show that I want to be kinda like a super hero, whizzing around, helping people.

Mini-me at the Olympic stadium

Mini-me at the Olympic stadium

Another activity I did was clearing up space junk.  You had to guide a mission to a piece of constantly multiplying space junk on a screen. I asked the man what the real space junk is, why you have to clean it up and how you clean it up.

He told me that space junk is bits of rockets that have exploded in space, dead broken satellites and just all sorts of rubbish that we humans put up there.  The problem is that up until recently people haven’t realised that space junk is a hazard.  The rubbish doesn’t rot in space, as it would do here, so it just floats about for years and years and years.

The reason why space junk is a hazard is because it could crash into a spacecraft or satellite that it is in orbit with at any moment. It can also plummet to earth and be a danger to human life. Maybe that is the consequences of us putting it up there.  Now people are recognising the danger and trying their bests to clear it up.

The way to eliminate space junk is to use high powered lasers or a huge balloon filled with gas that attatches itself to the space junk and brings it into the earth’s atmosphere where it burns up due to friction.

FACT: Space junk is also known as space debris, orbital debris or space waste.

Did you know that space junk has doubled in quantity in the last few years, thanks to anti-satellite weapon testing.


2 thoughts on “Day 10 – Spark

  1. The festival sounded so interesting. Evan you explained so well all about the making and running of the Lego motor you made .geoff was very impressed well done. Irys liked the pirate well done so what would you like to do when you are older and where would you like to live. The pictures of your pirate were really good. Gracie what an interesting subject about space junk. I guess we don’t realise what goes on. I think you would make an excellent teacher. You are very caring towards people and family always willing to help if everyone was like you the world would certainly be a better place. Xxx


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