Day 11 – Schoolwork, discussions on education and important decisions regarding dinner.


Today it rained so we took the opportunity to get some schoolwork done. I did, Maths: algebra, vulgar fractions, angles, decimal points and averages. Italian: Voler  bene a ( to be fond of), aprire una lettera ( to open a letter) e ( and ) fuori moda ( old fashioned).  Blogs: Spark Fest and Olympic Pool.

We also had an important discussion, all about our education and how we should take responsibility for it.  We talked about the fact that Mum and Dad will give us every opportunity to learn, but we have to seize the day. This whole trip is a learning chance.  Mum and Dad say that they may challenge us, but they’ll never give us anything that will crush us.  Our part of the deal is that we must listen, learn, do our bests and dig deep when we find it hard.

Dad came up with the idea of a treaty, it’s called the Sweet Water Treaty.  An official document that states all of the things we talked about plus a few more.  Mostly the treaty is about everyone doing their part, us kids and Mum and Dad.  The words on the paper just define what these parts are.  We must all sign this treaty before we continue on our learning journey.

There is a street artist in East London called Sweet Toof and he says “it’s important to get one’s teeth into things before it’s too late.”



Late afternoon we went to Westfield.  We had just come out of a shop and mum said to us three, “we have a learning opportunity for you if you want to take it?”

We all said, “What is it?”.

“We can go to MacDonalds for dinner or go home for dinner.  If we go to MacDonalds then it comes out of our budget.”

It would be £5 for each of us and our budget is £100 per week.  We have already spent £27.41 today and it’s only Monday.

I said we should not go but Irys and Gracie wanted to go.

We could not agree, about ten minutes later Dad said to us that Evan gets the final say.  I said that we are not going because if we spend over half of our  budget on the first day of the week and other opportunities come up we would not be able to do them.   There will always be other opportunities to go to MacDonalds.

Dad said that I made the right decision.


3 thoughts on “Day 11 – Schoolwork, discussions on education and important decisions regarding dinner.

  1. You are certainly learning a lot on this trip and the important part as well is that all of you are able to have these in depth discussions with mum and dad. Who are certainly guiding you all in the right road for the future. Evan fancy you turning down a McDonald but you made the right decision. You are also learning about money and the right way to use it. Well done


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