Day 12 – Best Playground EVER

The Best Adventure Playground EVER

The Best Adventure Playground EVER


In the evening mum took me, Gracie and Evan to the park.  There were three massive slides and there was loads of sand at the very bottom.

It started to rain after a while and the slides got really slippery.  As we went down we went really fast, it was so cool.

After ten minutes the rain had made some big puddles at the bottom of all the slides.  I really wanted to go again after I’d been down once.  I was running up the brick steps and I fell over and grazed my knees as usual.

I wrote a poem about my knees.


I’m running along with lots of glee, suddenly, I bash my knee and fall in the River Lee.

I did not have so much glee in the River Lee, but Evan and Gracie found it funny.

I painfully climbed out the River Lee and ran home to my mummy, it was not funny.


At about 4 o’clock we went to the adventure playground in Victoria Park.

In the playground is a 20 meter slide, it’s so fun.  There were loads of kids and us playing on the slides, suddenly it started to rain and everyone, except for us, ran for shelter.  The playground was all ours.

It was way more fun playing on the slide in the rain because the more wet the slide is the faster you g and at the bottom of the slide was a huge puddle

I was also sliding down the ramps in the skate park into pools of warm water, it was awesome.

We spent about one hour in the park.  We then went home drenched and covered in sand.



We had so much fun

We had so much fun


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