Day 13 – Museum of Childhood



Mum and Dad took us to the Museum of Childhood. It had lots of things that are associated with that stage in your life when you are young and you are growing up.  Before we went in, Mum and Dad reminded us that this was one of those learning opportunities that we talked about. I was determined to gather as much information as I could.  I learnt tons, it was all very interesting.  I learned about clothes,  toys, hobbies and pastimes.

It’s hard to decide what to write about, but I’ll choose ‘ Kites of Kabul’, an exhibition that I particularly enjoyed.

In Afghanistan, a place of war  and darkness, there is still a little  colour.  Although the place has been ravaged by war , there are still a few sparks of light.

The Afghan children have been making and flying their kites for over a hundred years.  It is a tradition that is still going strong. The kites, made of colourful paper and bendy strips of wood, are a delight to the kids.  Their kites fly high, like hopes for their futures.  The smiles on their faces as their kites swoop and soar are amazing.  So bright and optimistic, so positive.  I admire them.

Kites bring happiness to the broken landscape of Kabul.  A whole city may collapse, but the joy of the children cannot be destroyed.

I really enjoyed the whole museum, here are a few other things that I found interesting.

Fact: There once was a girl who lived in World War II.  She was invited to a party and parties in those times were rare occasions. Because she hadn’t been to a party in ages, her dress didn’t fit.  There was no money to buy a new one or even the material to make one.

Her poor mother sat up all night sowing scraps of fabric together until she had a lovely dress. Then the girl could attend the party. The museum call it the ‘Cinderella Dress’.

What a loving mother!

What a loving mother!

Fact No.2 : Optical illusions were a popular entertainment in Victorian times. They actually inspired the movies of today.


After lunch we went to a museum about childhood in the 1800 & 1900’s.

I saw toys made by young African kids.  They were made of wire they had found.  The toys were vehicles, there was a bus, a motorbike, a couple of bikes and a helicopter made from old tins.

Wire bus

Wire bus


Dad asked me what vehicle I would make and I said an aeroplane.

4 thoughts on “Day 13 – Museum of Childhood

  1. What an interesting museum everyone of all ages for years and years has enjoyed flying kites I did and I know you all have there is just something about them that is fascinating to watch. Evan you must have a go at the aeroplane it just shows you with old tin cans and a lot of imagination what you can make. Much more fun than a ready made one. Xxx


  2. What a lovely picture of you all, you look as though you are having great fun. It would certainly be interesting to see what everyone could make out of junk once you get home. Could be an interesting project on recycling and reusing things x


  3. The Museum of Childhood is one of the places that I like to visit with my family as it often has an interesting exhibition on in the upstairs area.


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