Day 20 – Tayburn Convent



As Sir Thomas More sat in his cell, in the Tower of London, watching the killings of the martyrs, he said to his daughter: ” Oh dost thou no see. Meg, that these blessed Fathers are going to their deaths as cheerfully as bridegrooms to their marriages?”  Meg recorded his words, little did she  know that a few weeks after she would be weeping and bidding her own Father farewell as he went to his own death.

Stories like this really touch your heart, but they are true. The Martyrs really were killed for their faith.


We learnt these tales of courage and true belief at the Tyburn Convent, where, over four hundred years ago, priests and other Catholics were hung, drawn and quartered by King Henry VIII. All because they opposed his new church, stuck true to their beliefs and refused to give in to him.


There are many more stories like the one about Thomas More, inspirational and utterly exceptional.

These are the words of St John Haughton, as he stood with the rope around his neck: “I am bound with conscience and am ready and willing to suffer any kind of torture rather than deny a doctrine of the church”.

When one martyr was drawn, which is when the insides are taken out, he let out a cry, “Good Jesus, what will you do with my heart?”


The Martyrs were drawn because it was believed that the wrong and evil lived inside the body. Once they had been drawn, the rest of the body could go to heaven and the insides were burnt.

Weren’t the martyrs amazing? More than amazing, really. They were not afraid of death because they knew that they were doing the right thing. They were dying for their god and so they went willingly.

Thank you to Sister Thomasina and all the nuns of the Tyburn Convent for providing this wonderful learning opportunity. I found it fascinating.


2 thoughts on “Day 20 – Tayburn Convent

  1. Very well written Gracie. I found your visit very interesting. How kind of sister thomasina to have given you a talk and as upsetting as it must have been all those years ago it has it has given you an insight of what happened. You will all remember this trip and the many different things you have seen and learnt . Geoff and I have learnt a lot of things we didn’t know. Thankyou xxx


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