Journey and Destiny, by Gracie Chick

MONDAY – Gracie

Cooped up with two sick siblings, in a small space, with not a lot of reading materials, I wrote this short story.

Journey and Destiny

I’m going to start again, all over again.  “My life is trash, rubbish.” I tell my younger sister, Destiny. “Don’t give up, keep on going!” She urges. I know she’s right, but for me  it’s not that easy. Yeah, it’s peasy for her to say that, because she’s Destiny and she can reach herself, she can reach her destination. But for me? Well, I’m Journey, so I’ll never get where I’m going, not ever.  I’ll ride the bumpy road for eternity. Once I get over one hill, they’ll always be another. For Destiny? It’s different.

If I was Destiny, I don’t know where I’d go. can try to get anywhere, because I know I’ll never get there. Destiny has a choice, she has the whole world before her. For her the saying is true: The world is your oyster.  For me it is a bunch of big, fat, squirming lies. They come up out of their knot in the pit of my stomach and up my throat. Then they stay awhile to torment me.  I pretend I don’t care, so they get bored and disappear. But when I’m sure They are not looking, I sob my heart out.

Whenever I see a shooting star, I shut my eyes tight and wish as hard as possible to be Destiny. When my friends wish for ponies and baby brothers, I squeeze every ounce of desire out of me and into the wishing well. It swims around in the water, as the well slowly considers my wish. But every time it sinks, down, down, down. I bite my lip and fight back tears.

When I walk alone in the autumn months, when I catch a spiralling leaf. I wish the same. I wish to be Destiny and not Journey. I don’t understand why my only wish never comes true, but my sister’s every thought is possible. She can travel the world. Why her? Why not me?

I don’t want Destiny to swap places with me, I only want justice. I want us to be equal. And the honest truth  is, we’re not.

Please help.

Yours truly,


Chapter 2

Something happened last night,as I lay  in my bed. Something that made me see the truth.

I was half asleep, head on pillow, snoring softly, when I heard a strange voice. It wasn’t Destiny’s. I opened my eyes and peered up. No one was there.  “I’m going mad” I told myself, that added another weight to my heavy, tiring burden. I began to cry, then I heard it again. Clearer this time. I couldn’t tell what type of voice it was.  High? Low? Blurred? Clear? But I heard the words alright. They called me, “Journey, Journey”. “Yes?” I replied fearfully and I pulled the covers up to my nose so only my eyes were peeking out. “Yes?” I asked again.

The voice got louder, so loud I was scared that it would wake Destiny.  “Whoever you are” I began bravely,  “could you please lower the volume?” It stopped for a minute, as if in surprise, and then it began to giggle. Then came a great roar of a laugh.

Finally the voice began it’s life changing speech:

” Journey,” it began in a quieter tone, “I have come to deliver you a very important message. It is from my master. His name is Moral and it is his job to make sure that all young children, like you, understand what is right and how the world works. Everyone, including you, has a part to play.

And so I began to get what he or she was talking about. “So” I began in a quavering voice, “I was destined to be Journey? So I sort of have reached my destination?”

“Yes”  the messenger said kindly, ” and Journey  is more important than Destiny!”

“Really?” I gasped “How?”

“Well, I’m coming to that.” smiled the voice, although I did not really see it smile. ” Journey must come before Destiny. So if you were not Journey then there would be no Destiny.”

I swelled up with pride and the voice continued.

“So finally, before I leave you, I must give you some advice. Be happy with who you are, be proud of who you are and be aware of the part you have to play.”





4 thoughts on “Journey and Destiny, by Gracie Chick

  1. Hi Gracie where did this story come from its an amazing piece of story telling and so many things happening to journey and destiny. I am so proud of your work xx


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