Sept 15th – A Museum & An Art Gallery



A Life Changing Discovery – Penicillin.

In 1928 on September 3rd in St. Mary’s Hospital there was a scientist who specialised in bacteria called Alexander Fleming who, by chance, made an important discovery.

He had just come back from a six week holiday and the first day back at work he checked his petri dishes to see if anything had happened to them.

On one of them was a clump of mould called penicillium.  On the other side of the same Petri dish  was lots of big splodges of bacteria called staphylococci.

So far nothing was unusual, he then looked closer and saw that in the middle between the mould and the bacteria there was no bacteria .

He instantly recognised that the mould was killing the bacteria.

He wanted to find out more about this.  He figured out that it can be turned into a medicine so with some help of other scientists penicillin was discovered.

In 1941 the first injection of penicillin was given to a policeman.



Today mum and dad took us to the Alexander Fleming Museum.  One of the people who worked at the museum gave us a talk about Alexander Fleming’s laboratory and also about Fleming the man.

The man said that one day Fleming went on holiday for six weeks and when he came back he checked his Petri dishes.  One of them had some mould in it, he also observed that the bacteria in it was growing far away from the mould.  The mould juice was killing the bacteria.

Alexander Fleming had discovered penicillin.

Alexander Fleming's Laboratory

Alexander Fleming’s Laboratory


In the afternoon we went to Tate Britain with our friend Tallulah.

Outside Tate Britain

Outside Tate Britain

Tate Britain Dome

Tate Britain Dome


Evan Chick 2015

Evan Chick 2015




2 thoughts on “Sept 15th – A Museum & An Art Gallery

  1. You are learning some brilliant stuff at the moment, well done. Let’s hope the scientists can now find something as helpful as Penicillin as the bacteria are beginning to become resistant to it’s effects.


  2. What an interesting visit to the Alexander Fleming museum penicillin has certainly been an amazing asset to medicine. The art gallery had some lovely pictures I like the statue in between the big pillars very good xx


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