Day 31 – Birthday Celebrations

We went to my Grannies to celebrate my birthday.

Arriving at Grannies

Arriving at Grannies

When we got to Grannies I saw that Granny had put up Happy Birthday banners with a photo of me underneath and lots of balloons.

After lunch Nanny and Geoff came and we played some games.  My favourite was Pictionary.

Then we played Beetle.

Me playing Beetle

Me playing Beetle

We played in two teams. I was in a team with Granny, uncle Sean, dad and mum.

You had to roll a dice to get different parts of your beetles body.  The first person to make their beetle shouts “BEETLE” and everyone has to stop.

The other team playing Beetle

The other team playing Beetle

You then have to add up your scores.

Mum's Beetle card

Mum’s Beetle card

After we’d finished the game we had my birthday cake. It was a chocolate cake and around the edge were pink, blue and yellow icing dogs.  On the top was a black French pug!  Nanny made my cake and Geoff moulded the icing.


The icing pug

The icing pug

Blowing out my candles

Blowing out my candles

I got stuck in and ate my cake really quickly.  It was delicious. Thank you Nanny.

I thoroughly enjoyed my birthday celebrations.  Everyone made me feel really special.


4 thoughts on “Day 31 – Birthday Celebrations

  1. We had a fun time with you all. Glad you liked the cake even though the pug looked like a cat. I think dad said.who cares you enjoyed it iris. The games were fun not sure how your team kept winning.ha ha .it was a good start to your birthday weekend and I’m sure your birthday was well celebrated. Lots of love irys nanny and Geoff xx


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