The time had come, we went to McDonalds for dinner.

We're looking forward to this.....

We’re looking forward to this…..

I thought it would be nicer than it was.  I definitely could not eat it every day like lots of other people do.


Mum’s food is way better and nicer.

I do not see why lots of kids rave on about it.

I had a cheese burger, chips and a milkshake.  If you know me personally one thing I was not impressed about was the amount of food!


I give McDonalds 0 out of 5.

Not so impressed

Not so impressed

This is what GRACIE had to say:

I was excited about going to McDonalds, it was something I’d really wanted to try for ages.

The food was not that great though.

Tucking In

Tucking In

IRYS  said that she didn’t particularly like it and wouldn’t go there again.

I'm NOT Loving it

I’m NOT Loving it


One thought on “McDonalds

  1. I’m quite pleased you didn’t like it for obvious reasons! But you do need to try these things to find out for yourselves. I would have to be extremely hungry with nothing else remotely available to eat MacDonalds I’m afraid.


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