Day 38 & 39 – Romeo


Today dad met a man called Ray.  Ray’s dog had died two weeks ago and his wife said to him that their boat wasn’t the same without their dog.  So they went to the local Dogs Trust and bought a Staffy called Nas.

Dad said that we could go there and look at the dogs.

In the evening mum showed dad and us three a photo of a dog called Romeo.  Romeo is a dog at the Dogs Trust and he really looks like Minstral.




Dogs Trust Harefield

Dogs Trust Harefield

Today  I am going to the Dogs Trust.   So, we were walking along the towpath and we came to a bridge.  We went over the bridge and into the trees.  After fifteen minutes we came to a golf course and at the top of the golf course was a car park.  There were two people in it and we asked them where the trust was.  They said you go over two stiles and there is a road, you walk along the road until you get to a bridge and it’s a five minute walk from there.

We looked at all the different photos of the dogs, I really liked a dog called Pancake.  Gracie liked a Staffy that was white with a shaved patch on its tummy and it was deaf.

I also liked Romeo.  He was a boy and he had to go to an adult home only so we couldn’t get him.  Dad said that male dogs aren’t as faithful as female dogs.

Once we’d finished looking at the dogs we got to stroke Chestnut.  He was a puppy that was up for adoption.

After that dad asked if they had any young female dogs.  They said that they did have one, it was a Trail Hound. It wasn’t on show because it hadn’t had its assessment yet.  One of the people showed us the dog, visitors weren’t usually allowed there but we were special.

The trail hound was bred for hunting and this one was very energetic.  Dad said that it could smell a sausage a mile away and it would be off and it wouldn’t suit our lifestyle.  It could easily run away because the farm isn’t fenced off.  The lady said they are very greedy and they really like meat.

This is a different Trail Hound but she is up for adoption too

This is a different Trail Hound than the one we saw but she is up for adoption at  Harefield too



2 thoughts on “Day 38 & 39 – Romeo

  1. Irys I like the pictures Romeo was certainly like minstrel.are you talking dad round to a dog. One day I am sure you will find the perfect one for you all woof woof x


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