Day 40 – Black Jack’s Lock

Who likes ghost stories? Well, here’s one to give you shivers.

Black Jack’s Lock is near Rickmansworth. We went through the lock yesterday, but I could report nothing mysterious or supernatural. Soon after we’d passed through, I heard the tale of Black Jack.

Black Jack Lock

Black Jack Lock

He was a servant at an inn by the lock. The landlord despised boat people so he hired Black Jack to stop night time toll evasion.  Black Jack stole windlasses from the boaters and hid them in a hollow tree. Then he threw them, along with stones and clumps of earth, at people who went through the lock.

The boaters were understandably NOT friends with him. In the end they murdered him, that was the consequences of his hostile actions.

But old Black Jack’s ghost still wanders the area, throwing windlasses at trees, cursing the boaters and planning revenge.


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