Day 41 – Foraging

We found two Shaggy Parasols in the shade of a tree on the edge of a wooded path

We found two Shaggy Parasols in the shade of a tree on the edge of a wooded path


We found some shaggy parasols, a type of edible mushroom, when we went out for a walk today.

When we got back to the boat dad asked me to identify them, at first we thought they were parasol mushrooms.


They are commonly found on the edges of grassy clearings and in woodlands from July to November.

The stem is a whitey/creamy colour with brown scales.

There is a large double ring around the stem which eventually slides down to the base.

The cap has browny grey scales, it has a small central bump known as an umbo.

The gills are white and do not change colour when cut.

The cap can be between 10 and 25cm in diameter.

BUT, the next day we found out that they were actually Shaggy Parasols.


They are commonly found in or beside woods or hedges.

They are smaller than parasol mushrooms, the caps are between 5 and 15cm in diameter.

When cut, the stem turns red.

It does not have scales on the stem.

It has a moveable double ring the same colour as the stem.

They have white gills.


Shaggy Parasols can be poisonous to some people.

We only found two and we didn’t eat them.

Shaggy Parasol

Shaggy Parasol

Taken the following day, it's gone a bit brown

Taken the following day, it’s gone a bit brown


2 thoughts on “Day 41 – Foraging

  1. Lucky you double checked! I think fungi are quite difficult to forage as you really need to know what’s what, although you seem to know a lot already. I’ll have to come and have some lessons, I love foraging.


  2. Gosh I wouldn’t know where to start identifying different mushrooms . I know you have to be very very careful. You are learning from dad which is great. Keep foraging. Xxx


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