Day 45 – The truth about gobstoppers

Gob stopper madness!

Gob stopper madness!

Life is all about balance, things in moderation. That is how we, the Chick Family, try to live our lives. Lots of healthy things and lots of  treats. It applies to everything.

That includes food. Organic, wholesome meals and lots of homemade goodies. But nothing that will do you harm.

Recently I’ve been kicking out against the way we do things, I’ve been attracted to all this brightly coloured chemically food. That looks so nice and appealing. I’ve argued with Mum and Dad that I’ve never eaten this sort of stuff before and a few sweets won’t do me any harm, but they tell me this:

” Our bodies are like the river we are travelling along. It can bear some chemicals, the ones we consume without even realising, but why purposefully eat something that  you know is jam packed with something that will eventually kill you? It’s like pouring a can of oil in the river”

I understand this. It is wise and I need to trust my parents because they only want the best illnessesThe river can only take so many chemicals before it becomes seriously polluted and the life that depends on it slowly dies out. It’s the same with our bodies, the chemicals don’t just pass through us, they build up inside us and plague our bodies with illness.

I also realise that when Mum and Dad do let me try things, like these gob stoppers, they’re actually not that nice. They affect your body almost immediately, check out my swollen lips and bleeding tongue! Sorry! It’s a bit gross!

This photo says it all!

I’m a bit stuck with a question about this issue, I would really value anyone’s opinion.

” What is so attractive about sweets and other artificial foods?”

This is another question I ask myself: ” why do I want to go against my parent’s wise words of experience and eat things I know are unhealthy?

This I do not really know the answer to, I think it’s because I’m curious and I always expect the food to taste really good, but it never does. I think I’m being deprived of something wonderful when I’m not.

I’ve learnt my lesson now and  I’ll stick with lots of lovely wholesome food and the odd treat.

Dear Everyone Who Eats Healthily And Is Feeling A Bit Rebellious

Trust me, stick with the good food. It tastes way better.  This is what my parents told me and I wasn’t convinced, so I totally understand if you want to see for yourself. But I can  guarantee you’ll agree with me once you’ve tried it.

Well, I hope I’ve shown you the truth about gob stoppers, not from the angle of a health expert, but from a girl every bit as enthusiastic and expectant  as you.




After! A very concerned Irys looking at her swollen mouth in our tiny hand mirror.

After! A very concerned Irys looking at her swollen mouth in our tiny hand mirror.

Look at my brother! Honestly, even a gram of sugar makes him hyper!

Look at my brother! Honestly, even a gram of sugar makes him hyper!

Finally here's Dad sitting there enjoying an organic tart with lots of sticky sweet filling!

Finally here’s Dad sitting there enjoying an organic tart with lots of sticky sweet filling!


3 thoughts on “Day 45 – The truth about gobstoppers

  1. I love this post, it embodies everything I try to communicate to people on a day to day basis about healthy eating and is one of the reasons I am a Nutritional Therapist. This is a fantastic piece and highlights why we should really consider what we put in our bodies. I am going to share this on my Facebook page to encourage people to really think about what they eat and making better choices. Thank you all for setting such an amazing example to others (and for sharing your yucky tongues!!) xx


  2. Gracie when I heard you all had had gobstoppers I was horrified. I have always disliked them not only. From the content aspect but also I feel they are. Dangerous.of course you want to try all these different treats but as mum and dad say most of them contain bad ingredients.there are just as many healthy treats which I am sure taste much better and are much healthier.well done mum and dad.xxxxx


  3. HI Gracie

    I just wanted to say that I went and thought about the gob stoppers I asked my dad what he thought of what happened we agreed that what happened with them gob stoppers is either the batch that you tried where bad or you had some sort of allergic reaction to them because as my dad pointed out if that if happened to every person who eat there gob stoppers the company that made them would soon go out of business. And an answer to your question about being so eager to try gob stoppers well in my experience sometimes you have to find out stuff for your and no matter what your parents say it doesn’t seem to be enough but it is another matter trying it out and that is one matter that I cannot help you with.

    I hopes this helps you to understand why you felt how you felt but my words are not the words of an expert I am only telling you from my own experiences but I do think that in that case it was the right decision to let you try the gob stoppers because now you know for yourselves and you will not forget your experience.

    from Tiger x


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