Day 46 – Extreme Frisbee – Chick Style



This evening we played Extreme Frisbee.

Playing over the park

Playing in the park

Dad’s a pro at it but when it comes to me I’m like a captain who has lost his bearings and sent his ship to England when it was meant to go to America!

Where's it going on end up?

Where’s it going on end up?

Dad in action

Dad in action

Mum’s good at frisbee and so are the others. I’m good at catching and diving to catch it.

What a move...

What a move…


Good catch….

The rules are: you throw the frisbee at anyone, they can only hold it for two seconds then they have to throw it to someone else.

We played frisbee for about an hour and then we had a game of rough and tumble.



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