Day 49 – Toads On Board


Today I was getting ready for school and mum was getting ready to pedal.  Mum was just doing her shoe laces and she said, “Oh look guys, there’s two little toads on the boat!”

I went to see them but Gracie and Evan butted in and so I could not see them.  Evan moved his bait box and scared them, one of them jumped behind the cool box.

After  about five minutes I got to see them.

Holding a toad

Holding a toad

I knew they were toads because toads have bumps on their backs and frogs don’t.


Dad helped me release them.  The first one was really eager to go but the second one I got to stroke.  I had to nearly put my hand on the ground for it to jump off.





It was really cool to have two toads on our boat.


3 thoughts on “Day 49 – Toads On Board

  1. Oooh, you don’t see toads very often, very special. We have a lot of frogs in our garden. Tigger often brings them in to say hello. They can be quite a challenge to catch (not as difficult as mice mind!), but soon calm down if you turn them upside down, so they can be returned to the pond.


  2. I really like toads. What a surprise to have them onboard. I remember lucky my cat bringing one indoors. What a noise it made it took me ages to catch it xx


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