Othello: A Guest Blog By My Little Sister

My sister, Irys, wrote this short summary of Othello after learning about it in her schoolwork. I would really appreciate it if you could leave her a positive comment. Over to Irys!

One day Othello was tricked by a sailor. The sailor told Othello his wife loved someone else to make Othello angry but Othello’s wife was innocent. The sailor also told Othello to strangle his wife.

Othello did strangle his wife because  he trusted the sailor, after a while Othello realised he had been tricked so he killed himself.

This play is a tradgedy.

othello kiling him self




4 thoughts on “Othello: A Guest Blog By My Little Sister

  1. Well done Irys! You really grasped the gist of that play and you get your message across very economically.
    If you can do that with some more Shakespeare plays as you get to see them , you’ll have a great foundation for a lifetime of enjoying drama. What a great start.


  2. I have learnt something today Irys, thank you. I don’t know much Shakespeare so I now know what Othello is about, a nice short to the point description that’s gets the main themes of the story across. Well done.


  3. Well done irys Shakespeare is not the easiest to read I certainly didn’t do too well at school I found it difficult to absorb. You at your age have done very well . I am very proud of you. Keep it up. Xx


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