The Symbol For Harmony


Have you ever heard of Adinkra symbols? They are really cool. I found out about them yesterday after spotting a few odd symbols on the back of our Divine chocolate advent calendar. The cocoa beans are grown in West Africa, which is where these symbols come from.

The Adinkras are used to express the different values that are important to the people who use them, for example one means courage, another means unity, ect. There are many of these symbols.

The symbols are hundreds of years old. They are said to have originated from Gyaman, a former kingdom in today’s Côte D’Ivoire. Nana Kofi Adinkra was the ruler of this Kingdom, he created the symbols because he used to wear the patterns on his clothes.

Nowadays the Adinkras are printed onto cloth and worn during traditional ceremonies in tribes in West Africa, mostly in Ghana and around the Ivory Coast.

I thought that the symbols are a little bit like Botho. The people live by these symbols because they represent the values that they find important. I picked one  of these symbols that I found important to me and my family: Osram Ne Nsoromma.


Osram Ne Nsoromma, translating as ‘the star and the moon’. This Adinkra means harmony.  All families should live in harmony and my family and I really try. We believe that we should all be there for each other and think of the other members of the family before ourselves.

Harmony leads to peace and when the world lives in peace  there will be no more bloodshed, which means no grieving and sadness and no feeling of needing to take revenge.

I did  a craft project on this symbol, it was really fun.

Do you like it?

Do you like it?

Close up!

Close up!

First I drew the shape onto a piece of wood, then I banged pins around the outline, leaving about half an inch ( 1.3 centimetres) between each one. Finally I weaved wool around the pins, in and out, in and out, in and out. It looks quite pretty doesn’t it?








8 thoughts on “The Symbol For Harmony

  1. So pleased you found these on your advent calendar .what a great way to describe your ideals for the family. The craft work you did was really good.perhaps you would pick out one and make me one of your symbols well done xx


  2. Hello, I love this post! It is an inspiration for a lesson plan I will be working with for my elementary art students. I was wondering if you would mind if I use your image with multiple Adinkra symbols at the top of your page? I will cite you and give you credit. I am creating a YouTube video and will be showing it to my students.


    • Yes, certainly, that’s fine. I found the image on the internet, but feel free to use it. You can use my other images if you want too. Is your video going to be public on Youtube? If it is could you give me a link? I’d be interested to watch it.
      Thank you!


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