Chased By A Stag!



On saturday afternoon our good friends, Benny, Sam and Neve came over to play, as they often do. We saw them coming down the driveway so we climbed to the top of a large wooden throne and waved our arms wildly. They stopped and we set off across the field at a fast gallop.

We met outside the secret base, I am afraid I cannot disclose any more information about this location, and entered. After working for a while, Benny and I walked home to get a few extra tools, everything was going fine until we were on our way back…….

Benny and I were just wandering back, chatting and laughing, then Benny stopped dead. “What is it?” I asked, alarmed. “Over there” he said. Following his gaze, I saw, in the field next to us, the most magnificent stag ever! It was just calmly grazing the grass and Benny and I just stared. “WOW!” we both breathed.

It was just incredible, its short fur glistened in the sun and  just everything about it was beautiful. But what caught my eye the most was its huge antlers! They rose up out of its skull, sharp and tall and sinister. This in its self was an amazing experience, but more was yet to come.

It looked a bit like this

It looked a bit like this

Suddenly our trance was broken by the sound of shouts and talking from the base. “Oh please don’t scare it away!” I said in my head. It didn’t seem likely that the others had seen it because the stag was hidden from their view by a hedge. But the stag had heard them!

It lifted its head and looked their way and with a toss of its head (and antlers!) it began to walk towards them. Suddenly it struck me that this wasn’t a scared stag, this was an angry stag, ready to defend its territory! Benny must have realised too because he grabbed his bike and set off across the field shouting.

Meanwhile the stag had hastened his pace and was running straight towards our base and our younger siblings. It had its head down, in a charge.

I hastened my pace too but I couldn’t run fast when carrying tools and wearing wellies. I shouted at Benny to cycle as fast as he could and see if the others were okay. He nodded and sped ahead. The stag disappeared behind the hedge, closely followed by Benny.

Eventually I got there, only to find some confused children. “Stag? What Stag?” they asked ” You’re joking, right?” I asked in disbelief ” Don’t tell me you didn’t see that huge stag that just charged right through our base!” They shook their heads ” We were  working” they said.

” Okay guys” Benny said ” Lets get out of here” we hurriedly packed our stuff and skedaddled. After a while of walking we came to a place where we thought it would be safe to talk. We all collapsed on the grass and everyone began to talk at once. I explained what had happened and we came to the conclusion that, as Benny and I had run in screaming and shouting, the stag had run for cover in the long grass. “Then it must have been listening to us as we told you we hadn’t seen it” said someone. That fact made me feel slightly sick.

We decided to abandon the den as it was an angry stag with pointy antlers territory. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Imagine being charged at by one of these majestic yet deadly creatures

Imagine being charged at by one of these majestic yet deadly creatures


5 thoughts on “Chased By A Stag!

  1. Goodness Gracie that must have been very scary.but of course you were more worried about the others you are so good thinking of others first. Please be careful xx


  2. That is a fabulous read Gracie! What a treat to see such a beautiful animal too. Maybe another secret base location would be a good idea! Hope you are all well and a very Merry Christmas xx


  3. I would have been terrified! Well done for thinking of the others before yourself as all good Scouts should do. A beautiful thing to see, but the main thing is that you are all safe and well xx


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