Days Of The Week Challenge


I came across this idea recently and I thought it would be fun and interesting to give it a go. So here it goes, I’m going to try to describe each day of the week as a person.


Monday is a tireless Mum of 5 who’d do anything for her kids if they asked. She has a short blond bob and dresses in jeans and a T-shirt most of the time. She often wears sunglasses, even in the winter. She drives a big, flashy car and her husband has a job at a local college. She works extremely hard every day and never once complains. She grew up in India with parents who were missionaries. She sometimes longs to get away from her business and take her own family to experience that vibrant, yet simple, life.


Tuesday is a little 3-year-old girl who loves balloons and chocolate chip cookies. She has dark curls and strawberry lips. She’s just starting to put proper sentences together and people laugh at the funny things she says. She’s a fan of pink dresses and tights, and she likes afternoon tea in the sunshine. She often skips around her large garden looking for butterflies and smiling her famous smile.


Wednesday is a weary traveller, half way through his journey around the world. He has a beat up old VW, its boot adorned in stickers that tell the story of where he’s been. He sleeps on laybys every night and drives by day. He has a silver-grey beard and a peak cap. His constant companion is his little Staffordshire Terrier called Joe, who follows  him everywhere.


Thursday is a businessman in a smart suit and tie. He’s single and lives in a swish apartment in the city. He works in an office and takes his tea break at 3:00 pm sharp. He’s never late for anything and has a reputation for being an intellectual. He laughs a lot, speaks like a gentleman and gets every word grammatically correct. He likes to listen to whatever music is on the radio and likes to read about philosophy, politics and history. He did a bungee jump when he was 21 and now dreams of skydiving one day. Perhaps when he’s forty, he tells himself.


Friday is a street busker, who plays the violin. She has a long, flowing skirt and a ragged, tweed flat cap. She has cowboy boots and a leather jacket. She is saving up to get a plane to New York, from there she’ll head to Broadway, to become a famous face in musical theatre. She loves all the old shows, like Les Miserables and My Fair Lady. But her favourite is Fiddler On The Roof. She’s only 18, but she’s already very talented. As long as the pennies keep coming in, she’ll soon be on the stage in a grand theatre.


Saturday likes to be called Sat for short. He’s a wild child, rebellious and mischievous. He never means any harm, but somehow his schemes never go right. He’s 13 and still got a whole life ahead of him. People say he’s a bad egg, but he’s just a boy, and boys will be boys. He has a shock of blond hair and sparkling blue eyes. He never goes to school, instead he roams the countryside, the birds are his friends. The village people warn their children not to play with him, but they love him. To them he is a symbol of freedom, something they are quite envious of. He started volunteering at the local animal rescue centre recently. He understands the creatures, more than people I think, and they understand him. Maybe that’s what his future will be.


Sunday is a pleasant, but slightly dotty, old lady. She likes to have visitors and often invites people round for tea and cake on her best china. She adores her grandchildren and  spoils them whenever they come to stay. She wears floral printed dresses and loves to hold babies. She has a goldfish named Jolene whom she claims is 100 years old. She collects straw hats and sometimes craves sardines. Her favourite season is summer because of picnics and swimming. She’s afraid of shadows and horses, but loves gardening. When she was young she was in the WRENS (Women’s Royal Navy Service) and sometimes she acts like she still is. She likes to read to her grandchildren and their favourite book is Swallows And Amazons.


These are some rough sketches of the people I just described. I must admit, my writing is better than my drawing.

Please do have a go at this little challenge. I really enjoyed doing it. Put it on your blog if you have one. If you do decide to try it, let me know how you got on in the comments.



4 thoughts on “Days Of The Week Challenge

  1. Hey Grace! Its Adam here from I remember finding a poem about a bunch of fruit in a blender and I want to credit it as inspiration for a piece of writing I’ve written. I’m pretty sure it was yours but I can’t find it anywhere on your blog. Is this poem yours, where can I find the link to it? Kind regards, Adam.


    • Hi Adam
      Yes, that was me! If you go through my archives and click on July 2015, you should find it. I’ll check out your blog, it would be great to see what you’ve written. Thanks


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