Places to go, things to see…….

This post is all about the places I’d like to visit in my lifetime. So here it goes:



Absolutely amazing

Everything about Italy appeals to me, the food, the scenery, everything. But most of all I love the idea of the people. They are so family orientated, so friendly.


A family eating together

I am teaching myself Italian so that I can go there when I’m a little older. I specifically want to visit San Patrignano, a drugs rehab centre in the Rimini Province.

It treats all of its guests like family and gives them all a purpose in life as San Pa is a working community. It has a bakery, dairy, carpentry workshop, kitchen and much more. If you are interested in San Patrignano and want to find out more than you can read my previous blog all about them at



Secondly, America, as this is where my pen pal, Acacia, lives. Our Mums are friends and we have always emailed or written to each other.



Also, America has some pretty awesome wilderness that I would love to explore.






The history of this country always fascinated and excited me, both the ancient and mythological.


This would be incredible to see.

The weather and the food also look beautiful.


greece beach

Hey, where would you guys like to go? Where would your ideal location be?


Seeing as I wrote a post about inspiration a few days ago. I thought I’d put on some inspirational quotes today. *smiles* I love quotes, to me they’re a sort of poetry. I think quotes are a brilliant way of using words.






The Tamworth Two


A couple of weeks ago we visited The Rare Breeds Centre in Kent. It was here that I learnt the tale of the Tamworth Two. It’s pretty cool.

The Tamworth Two

One day, in January 1998, a load of pigs were sent, by lorry, to an abattoir in Wiltshire. As they were being unloaded, two Tamworth pigs escaped.

The brother and sister squeezed through a fence and swum across the river Avon. No one could catch them. The story went to local press and soon reached the ears of major newspapers such as the Daily Mail.

The escapee pigs caused a huge media sensation and they became like celebrities. People all over Britain and even abroad wanted to hear about Butch and Sundance , as they had been nicknamed.

The pigs were on the run for more than a week before they were eventually captured. The owner of the pigs still wanted to slaughter them, but by now they were too famous. The Daily Mail bought the pair off of him for excruciating sum of money. They were sent to live at The Rare Breeds Centre in Kent were they were happy as could be. Sadly Butch died in October 2010 and Sundance wasn’t slow to follow.

But, hey ho, their legacy lives on. And people still talk about their magnificent escapade today.


“No, it wasn’t us. We didn’t do anything.”



Sometimes I’m out and about and I have a brilliantly creative idea. I kick myself ’cause my pencil and pad is at home. Then it’s gone. The idea flickers, burns and dies within just a few seconds. I still remember it sometimes, but somehow it doesn’t seem so good.

Then I go home and pick up my pad and pencil. The blank, white sheet stares at me, the lines that run across it are like prison bars. Like the words inside my mind are trapped. Someone who isn’t  writer wouldn’t understand this, but it’s sort of depressing. Seeing that blank sheet and not having any words to decorate it. This is my struggle.

I’m sure all writers go through this. But the thing is you must push through it. You must just write and let inspiration guide you when it can. Stephen King said: Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to work. Sometimes you have to go out and look for things, it’s like everything in life, it won’t always come to you.


Perfectly sums up what I’m trying to say about finding inspiration.

But still spontaneous inspiration is wonderful. It shows the absolute beauty of your mind.

Inspiration strikes at unexpected times. Roald Dhal admitted that sometimes he used lipstick and a sweet wrapper to record some idea he’d had. I think a decent writer has to find the balance between using spontaneous inspiration and finding inspiration themselves.

What are your thoughts on inspiration? Please let me know.

Inspiration concept crumpled paper light bulb metaphor for good

Love this.

Off To A Flying Start


I am about to describe one of the best experiences of my life.

It all started off like an ordinary day, we were going for a picnic with some friends, it was beautifully sunny and, yeah, everything seemed normal.

About an hour before we were going to leave Dad told us that, yes, we were going for a picnic, but we were doing something else first. I was intrigued, as I’m sure you are now. Dad revealed, after a while, that we were going flying in a plane!

Our friend built his own plane, which he flies quite regularly from an airfield near Lewes. He often flies over our house and sometimes we wave. He had offered before to take us up, but I never thought it would happen. Now it was.

A strange feeling crept up inside me, I was utterly excited and a bit nervous, as I’d never been in any sort of plane or flying machine. I’m sure my stomach flipped when Dad said the words “flying in Dave’s plane”.

I’d always fantasize about flying high up in an aeroplane. I’d dream about it too, but then I’d wake up because I couldn’t really picture what it would be like.

The plane is called a Streak Shadow and it seats two people. It was amazing to think that Dave built it all by himself. My sister went first, then me.


Irys coming in to land

I clambered into the cramped cabin and sat down. I had to undergo a safety check where I was shown how to undo the seatbelt in an emergency and how to open the hatch. I had to wear headphones with a speaker to communicate during flight.




Then we were ready for takeoff. Dave, the pilot, spoke into the radio to tell them that we were departing. Pilots talk in a sort of code with coordinating words and long series of numbers. I learnt that you never say the words ‘take off’ unless you are actually about to take off.


Dad and the Streak Shadow

You should always try to take off into the wind when in a plane. Sometimes there is what is called a crosswind, where the wind blows across, not down the runway. There was a slight one today, but we looked at the windsock and judged the best direction to go in.

Soon we were racing down the runway at almost 150mph. Then we were in the air. Gradually we gained height until we were 2000ft above the earth. We slowed to about 80mph. Finally, I had the chance to get a proper look at the ground below. Immediately, I thought of my Granny’s dolls house! Everything was miniature. The sheep in the fields looked like ants and the fields themselves stretched away into the distance like a patchwork quilt with hedge stitching.

Because the plane was so small and light, you felt every little, tiny movement. Every jerk and every lurch, and every gust of wind.

Dave took me on a tour of the area, pointing out the sights. Then we flew over and saw the coastline. I was absolutely loving it.

Then Dave asked me if I’d like to have a go at using the controls. I said, over the intercom, that I definitely would. He showed me how everything worked and I had to use the joystick, which is the steering instrument.

Right is right, left is left, forward is down, backwards is up. What I didn’t realise is that only tiny jiggles are needed. I pushed forward really hard and we literally plunged downwards. That was very, very, very scary.

After a while I got the hang of it. Dave put his hands on his head to prove that I really was flying the plane alone. I practised picking a point on the horizon and steering towards it, keeping it in the centre of the dashboard.

The landing was a little nerve-wracking since we came in at a weird angle due to the crosswind.My whole flight in one word: exhilarating.

At the end of the day, I received a Young Aviators Certificate. It was brilliant.

I would like to thank Dave for giving us such an awesome experience. He was so willing to teach us and share with us, we really loved that. He also taught us a lesson in generosity. I hope that other people will be like this as we journey through life.


So happy!